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Scopus Consultants is a reputable Industrial Hygiene and Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) consulting firm that has been serving the Houston, Texas area for over 32 years. We specialize in protecting employees, clients, and the environment from occupational stressors associated with the workplace.

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Professional Industrial

Hygiene Services

Our Industrial Hygiene services are designed to anticipate, recognize, communicate, evaluate, and control environmental hazards before they cause harm to employees and the community. Our team of highly skilled experts provides a variety of services to ensure your company complies with federal and state regulations and protects your workers and the public.

We understand that most occupational safety and industrial hygiene hazards are associated with exposure to stressors in the work environment. Their impacts on employees and the public are often not apparent until weeks, months, or even years after exposure. This delay can result in substantial liability claims that can cause reputational harm to your company, legal issues, and a loss of public trust. To avoid such impacts, it is vital to implement a high-quality preventive Industrial Hygiene Program and Safety Management System in your workplace.

Scopus Consultants

Job Safety Assessments

At Scopus Consultants, we offer a comprehensive range of Industrial Hygiene services that include job safety assessments, health risk assessments (HRAs), safety management systems, HSE policies, comprehensive workplace exposure assessments, SEG analysis, bioaerosol monitoring, gas and vapor detection, indoor air quality, personal protective equipment evaluations, noise surveys and control, forensic evaluations, confined space programs, training, respiratory protection, risk assessment and prioritization, insurance investigations, and air monitoring and evaluation.

Our experienced team can tailor our services to meet your organization’s specific needs. We work with you to identify potential hazards, develop strategies to prevent them and ensure that your company complies with regulatory standards.

Protect your employees, clients, and the environment by partnering with Scopus Consultants. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you establish an effective Industrial Hygiene Program and Safety Management System in your workplace.

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